Uncanny County: The Tub / by Shaun Fauntleroy

Uncanny County's 9th Podcast Episode, "The Tub" (written by William Franke and featuring yours truly), is now available!

Ashley wants her aging parents to move into assisted living. Reed and Cheryl have other ideas, and want to retain their independence in their golden years. But when they move into a house with strange amenities, they soon realize that Reed’s “senior moments” are the least of their problems.

Written by William Franke. Produced by AJ Cermak, sound design by William Franke and Todd Faulkner, audio mastering by Anthony Thompson.

Featuring: Amy Lee Pearsall as Cheryl, Kristin Price as Ashley, and Shelley Valfer as Reed, along with the vocal talents of William Franke, Nicole Greevy, Alison Crane, Shaun Bennet Fauntleroy, Griffin Robert Faulkner, Violet Truman, and Todd Faulkner.