Transformation | Day 1 / by Shaun Fauntleroy

Today (Monday, August 12, 2013) begins my 30 Day Challenge. For 30 days, my plan is to invest richly in my personal transformation in the areas of style, creativity, love, spiritual/emotional growth, and physical fitness/health. None of these areas are quite in shambles, but I’ve been feeling a lackluster quality pervading throughout.


My own personal style has been somewhat mysterious to me. I spent my formative years as a tomboy and haven’t really enjoyed the shopping experience very much. More than not being totally sure what I like, I’m not always sure what looks good on me. So, this past weekend I did two things…I got my friend Elise to go shopping with me to help me pick out some inexpensive, yet adorable items (Old Navy and H&M) and I subscribed to Hilary Rushford‘s style blog Dean Street Society. The first time I met Hilary I was struck not only by how beautiful she was, but how inventive and confident her style was. In her blog, she walks you through how the use of color, patterns, and accent jewelry can not only be tasteful, but bold, fun, and feminine. I’m hoping she can help me update my style a bit and dress in clothes that make me feel comfortable, yet beautiful. Check her out and join me in this discovery!


So…in the past two years I’ve gained almost 30 pounds. Yep. Thankfully I’ve gained it proportionally, but it’s still there. My 30 day goal is to do my Tracy Anderson butt, hips, and thighs DVD daily and to eat more wisely. I’m reserving alcohol and desserts for the weekend am trying out recipes from my new vegan cookbook Appetite for Reduction. I’m not a vegan, but a friend of mine is, and she made a beet salad from this cookbook that was so good I almost punched the wall. Super, super yummy. I’m a pretty healthy eater anyway (aside from the occasional pint of pistachio gelato or side order of fries) so this won’t be too much of a leap. Added to this at some point will be Hot Yoga at my favorite yoga place, Yoga to the People, and Brooklyn Bridge Bootcamp which I’m hearing is amazing. I’m going to let Tracy A. get me a bit more in shape first, though.

Creative Development

So…I’m an actor and a producer and am currently studying playwrighting. I really feel that playwrighting is something that I should be investing in, but the dirty little secret is that playwrighting terrifies me. The good news is, a lot of incredibly talented playwrights tell me that it terrifies them, too. The main difference between their approach and my own is that I let my terror paralyze me and they push through it. For the next 30 days I’m going to try and push through it. Daily writing is a start.

Personal Development

So, a group of friends of mine are getting together every two weeks to read Safe People together. Safe People “…are people who help drive emotional healing and character growth. Dr. Henry Cloud and Dr. John Townsend show how we can find the people who will help us down the path to healing and void those who may damage our emotional health. Safe People…provides practical ground-breaking help which lays a firm foundation for personal growth.” This book, in addition to helping us find safe people, helps us learn how to be safe people as well. I read this book a while ago, but it’s really helpful to read it with friends in an intentional way. Really loving this process.

That’s all for now. Thanks for reading!