Transformation | Day 7 / by Shaun Fauntleroy


After a week of doing the Tracy Anderson DVD (I took Friday and Saturday-days 5&6 off), I’m already starting to see results. Not drastic results, but my jeans are a little looser around the thighs and my knees, which have been hurting for weeks, no longer ache and creak when I ascend a flight of stairs. Very grateful. I’m also feeling my legs getting a bit stronger so I’ve upped my reps by 10. If anyone is looking for a free workout they can do at home, Nike has a great app called Nike Training Club.

Today, I had a yummy kale salad and ratatouille with a few chia seeds sprinkled on top. Adding chia seeds are a good trick to make your stomach feel full when it’s screaming, “Screw the kale, stick a steak down here!! We’re STARVING!” I also add them to my morning smoothies, but remember…drink LOTS of water throughout the day.

To the friendly, healthy bloggers who have liked my blog, and/or subscribed I look forward to checking out your recipes and tips. Thank you so much for reaching out!

Creative Development

My daily goal is usually to get to a specific place in the story. But if I don’t reach that goal, there can only be two reasons: either I’m mentally fatigued or there’s a story problem. Either way, it’s good to just walk away, to rest or to let your mind work on that problem…There’s a reason why many people have ideas in the shower—they’re relaxed enough to have them.” (Andrew W. Marlowe, 25 Habits of Highly Successful Writers)

Hightailed it to a cafe this evening and wrote for about 45 minutes. Pushing through the terror. Felt good.

Personal Development

Tomorrow night, I’ll be attending a fundraiser for my friend’s non-profit Alegria. Alegria (“joy”) inspires and empowers the most underserved youth and their communities to achieve their potential and transform their lives through the arts. One day I hope that my art empowers others. Looking forward to supporting others who are doing that now. Check Alegria out if you have a moment.