Transformation | Day 1 by Shaun Fauntleroy

Today (Monday, August 12, 2013) begins my 30 Day Challenge. For 30 days, my plan is to invest richly in my personal transformation in the areas of style, creativity, love, spiritual/emotional growth, and physical fitness/health. None of these areas are quite in shambles, but I’ve been feeling a lackluster quality pervading throughout...

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48 Years by Shaun Fauntleroy

The old man sits on the stoop in front of his apartment. He has come outside for peace. His wife stands beside him, a bottle of Ensure in her extended hand. Her legs are fat and dimpled beneath her flower-print house dress, evidence that she was once voluptuous...

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Infatuation by Shaun Fauntleroy

heart's deception
makes its bed and lies awake.
sleeping, waking
knees are shaking
only little things at stake.
waiting, praying
thoughts are straying
one day - dust, another - cake.
if i ask You will You tell me
how much longer this will take?

Cartography by Shaun Fauntleroy

Death is unnatural. I have always believed this, but I think I now understand why. When someone enters your life your memory begins to create an emotional landscape of who that person is to you. They revealed their sense of humor in this valley, at this turn you discovered their sweetness...

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