Personal Development

Transformation | Days 4-6 by Shaun Fauntleroy

The birds that came to it through the air
At broken windows flew out and in,
Their murmur more like the sigh we sigh
From too much dwelling on what has been…

I didn’t write as much as I planned last week, but I am forgiving myself for that and moving forward from that. Thinking about all the things I should have done or the areas where I didn’t achieve is–used to be a favorite pastime of mine. Time to silence the birds.

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Transformation | Day 1 by Shaun Fauntleroy

Today (Monday, August 12, 2013) begins my 30 Day Challenge. For 30 days, my plan is to invest richly in my personal transformation in the areas of style, creativity, love, spiritual/emotional growth, and physical fitness/health. None of these areas are quite in shambles, but I’ve been feeling a lackluster quality pervading throughout...

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