Premiere Stages: Foster Mom, by Chris Cragin-Day, Dir. John Wooten, 2017
National Black Theatre: Freedom for Superman, by Tracey Conyer Lee, Dir. Kevin R. Free, 2017
Mile Square Theatre Playground: Ghost Story, by Lia Romeo, Dir. John Pietrowski, 2017
Pussy Play Reading Group: Please, Mrs. West, by Sophia Heinecke, Dir. Madeline Barasch, 2017
The Pittsburgh Foundation / NOLA Studios: For the Love of, by Gina Femia, Dir. Erin Ortman, 2016
The Sheen Center: Stepping Out of the River at Dawn, by Dean Poynor, Dir. May Adrales, 2016
Brooklyn Generator: Reunion, by Nandita Shenow, Dir. May Adrales, 2016
Jersey City Theater Center: The Showman and the Spirit, by Elisabeth Karlin, Dir. John Pietrowski, 2015
HERE: The Square, by Amy Merrill, Dir. Eric Nightengale, 2015
Resonance Ensemble: Burning, by Ginger Lazarus, Dir. Eric Parness, 2015
Lark Play Development Center: Be Happy Be Happy Be Happy, by August Schulenberg, 2014
Flux Theatre Ensemble: Goldsboro, by Nat Cassidy, Dir. August Schulenberg, 2013
Resonance Ensemble: The Truth Quotient, by Richard Manley, Dir. Eric Parness, 2012
Blessed Unrest: The Sworn Virgin, by Matt Opatrny. Dir. Jessica Burr, 2012
Blessed Unrest: As You Desire Me, by Luigi Pirandello. Dir. Jessica Burr, 2012
State of Play Productions: North to Maine: A Journey on the Appalachian Trail, by Brenton Lengel. Dir. Eric Parness, 2012
The Turtle's Shell Theatre: Untying Love, by Peggy A. Willens. 2010 (Also starring Frank Wood)
The WorkShop Theater Company: Orange Alert, by Stephen Girascuolo. Dir. Maxwell Williams. 2010
The WorkShop Theater Company: The Unspoken...Said, by P.J. Gibson. Dir. Arthur French. 2010
Stanley Drama Award Reading: Memory Fragments, by Sam Wallin. Dir. David A. Miller. 2009
Redwall Productions: Cape of Good Hope, by Craig Williams. Dir: Rosalyn C. Williams. 2006