Zompire Vixens from Pluto / by Shaun Fauntleroy


So, back in February, my friend Sophia calls me and says, "Hey, do you want to play a Zompire Vixen with me tomorrow? [A filmmaker named Jenna Payne] is shooting a staged reading of this webseries and we need another actress." I, of course, said YES and proceeded to have delightfully unexpected and wacky fun, complete with 40's era attire and pearls.

Here are a few of the edited "episodes" for your entertainment. (Keep in mind, they're staged readings, but still fun, and by fun, I mean insane!)

Episode 1: The Land that Science Forgot

Episode 4: Amazon Women Over the Moon

Episode 5: Necronimiconimicon

Keep an eye out for Jenna Payne, guys. That woman's a powerhouse!