The Cleverbot Plays | The Brick Theatre / by Shaun Fauntleroy

On April 13 and 14th I had the great honor of writing a short play for The Cleverbot Plays at The Brick in Williamsburg. Curated by Roger Nasser, these plays consist of collaborations between playwrights, one of which was me, and "Cleverbot."

Not only was this my first time working with The Brick as a playwright, my piece was directed by one of my favorite NY directors, Heather Cohn of Flux Theatre Ensemble! In addition, I was surrounded by other incredible artists, such as:

Rachael Hip Flores and David Neal Levin (aside from having three names, which is fabulous, they brought great depth and humor to my piece. I heart those two).

Playwrights Nat Cassidy(!), Kari Bentley-Quinn, Eric Bland, Mike Daisey, Michael Gardner, R.N. Healey & Roger Nasser.

Other actors whose work I love, such as Brian Silliman, C.L. Weatherstone, Matthew Trumbull, and Stephanie Willing. Such a fun night!!