BURNING / by Shaun Fauntleroy

The director, playwright, and cast of  Burning .

The director, playwright, and cast of Burning.

Last night I had the extraordinary pleasure of reading the character of "Rose" in Ginger Lazarus' haunting play, Burning for Resonance Ensemble. Burning is the contemporary half of Resonance's upcoming season, which will be paired with Cyrano de Bergerac this winter. The reading was the culmination of a week-long workshop investigating and developing the play, and will took place at the Director's Company, 311 West 43rd Street, 4th Floor. 

The workshop performance featured Resonance Ensemble Members Alberto Bonilla, Chris Ceraso, and Shaun Bennet Fauntleroy, as well as Vanessa Aspillaga (Broadway's ANNA AND THE TROPICS and THE CLEAN HOUSE) and Zachary Clarence.

In Burning, Cyrano has become Cy, a woman kicked out of the Army for being gay, who, like Cyrano, suffers from insecurity that prevents her from pursuing love. The play is not only a fresh take on the Cyrano story, it tackles critical contemporary issues of gender inequality, discrimination based on sexual orientation, and military abuse. Ginger’s work has been honored with the John Gassner Memorial Playwriting Award and an IRNE nomination for Best New Play.

More info on Resonance's upcoming season HERE.