NY Madness Encore! / by Shaun Fauntleroy

Winter Miller, playwright

Winter Miller, playwright

On March 29th I was granted the opportunity to rejoin the folks at NY Madness, this time as an actor! The theme, chosen by the incredible Winter Miller, was A Question of Sanity, and I performed in Judith Leora's play "We Smell Their Skin" alongside Joel Stigliano, Lauren McCune, and Stacey Raymond.

The details:

The Cherry Lane Theatre 
38 Commerce Street

Writers: Micheline Auger, Cecilia Copeland*, Tim Errickson, Tanya Everett, Cara Jane Francis, David Hilder, Judith Leora*

Directors: Jeff Aldrich*, Roberto Cambiero*, James Fauvell*, David Shane, Shira-Lee Shalit, G. Warren Stiles*, Ilana Stein*, Michele Travis*

Actors:  Dennis Allen II, Reuben Barsky, Rachel Collins*, Jody Christopherson*+, John Concado*+, Bernard Davis, Shaun Bennet Fauntleroy+, Vince Gatton+, Michael Gregory+, Laura Hooper, Rose Jensen, Sevrin Anne Mason*+, Lauren McCune+, Karla Mosley+, Romy Nordlinger*+, Stacey Raymond, Ed Stelz, Joel Stigliano*, Sara Thigpen+, Anna Van Valin*+

*denotes NYM company member     +denotes Actors’ Equity member

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